Thursday, August 6, 2009

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You Otter Know

Grilling the Flying Otter’s Jeff Delisle

If you’re looking for a little getaway right here in the city, head down to the Flying Otter Grill at the Harbour Air terminal in the Inner Harbour. At first glance, the Otter seems more like a vacation cabin on the lake than a modern pub-style restaurant. Fresh ingredients and a lot of flare create the perfect environment to enjoy a lazy lunch or to relax after work with a bevvie and just watch the waterworld go by. My taste buds are tingling at the mere thought of a return visit to the Flying Otter to test drive as many fruitalicious mojitos as they can conjure up. (It’s going to be a challenge!)

Who are you? I’m Jeff Delisle, Quebec City transplant and general manager of the recently opened Flying Otter Grill.

What’s on the menu? Pub-style food with a west-coast flavour. Lots of fish and seafood, great Kennebec fries and fresh salads. Oh, and did I mention mojitos and martinis so good they could make you cry?

Best bet if I’m feeling adventurous? Ginger of the Indies with Pimm’s, ginger ale and a splash of soda with a cucumber garnish. It’s not listed on the menu but it’s a classic with a modern twist that I’m happy to make for anyone looking to try something new.

What can I get here that I can’t find anywhere else? Delicious poutine made with real cheese curds. Coming from Quebec, I’m pretty serious about poutine—it means a lot to me to make it right. Plus killer martinis and mojitos made with house-made simple syrups.

What were you doing six months ago? Working in food and beverage at the Marriott Hotel downtown and spending a lot of time in Portland visiting my girlfriend.

Why this spot? Floating on the water, with people buzzing around in seaplanes and whale-watching boats—what’s not to love? We’re in the perfect location for casual dining, great drinks and an amazing view. Can you think of a better spot?

What’s the risk factor? There’s no reward without risk and there’s risk involved in any endeavor. I figure if we do our best to treat people well, provide a great product for good value, the reward will outweigh any risk.

If a drink were to be named after you, what would be in it—and what name would you give it? I love Hefeweizen and my friends all call me HeffeH, so it would have to be half-and-half Hefeweizen and Strongbow with a shot of your favourite vodka. You might think it takes a little getting used to, but it’s Heff-ing good.

Do you believe in hair of the dog? I do indeed. There’s nothing that a Caesar with homemade chipotle sauce and a bacon garnish can’t solve!

Flying Otter Grill

950 Wharf
7am-10pm Monday-Friday
7:30am-10pm Saturday-Sunday

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Canada Day @ The Flying Otter Grill

Quite possibly the best view in all of Victoria for the Canada Day Fireworks!

Delicious Affordable Food... Incredible Mojitos...Floating right on the really doesn't get better than this!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Countdown Until Flying Otter Launch

Saturday June 20th 2009 Is The Official Opening Date For The Flying Otter Grill